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Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a framework to help understand a person’s behaviour, and then use that knowledge to improve the person’s quality of life and decrease behaviours that challenge.

PBS has a solid evidence base. Over the last decade it has become increasingly recognised as the social care sector’s preferred approach to supporting adults and children with learning disabilities and autism.


Implementing PBS nationally, locally, organisationally or at individual level can be a challenge. A lot of big questions start to emerge – How do we enable change? How do we design safe quality services? How do we improve quality of life? How do we work together? How do we embed change in practice?

Sometimes to think differently we need to be in a very different space. Most of us can remember a holiday that gave us the space to think differently and shaped change in our everyday lives, perhaps we met someone that gave us a new perspective, perhaps we relaxed and were able to process information differently, and perhaps we saw a bigger wider world that adjusted our world view. So The PBS Festival is exactly what it says on the tin, a festival experience – beautiful natural venues, great food, new people, new experiences combined with expert academics and professionals to guide you through an opportunity to think about the big questions in PBS and social care.

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